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Viva Lift - Radiance Lift chair

Viva Lift - Radiance Lift chair

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The Radiance is designed to provide all the comfort and convenience in one chair that you can imagine. To help you relax the Radiance provides heating pads located in the shoulders, lumbar, and back. The warmth is there to relax the muscles and relieve tightness. The padding for the Radiance is over-stuffed so you can fully submerge into the chair. To make sure you have proper support and positioning contoured pillows line the back, seat and legrest. Positioning can be further fine tuned to your preferences with a power headrest which adjusts your head, neck, and shoulders for maximum support. Achieve ideal back support with the power lumbar support. A lithium battery is now provided as a back up should you have a power failure.

What Makes This Different

There are plenty of unique bonuses on the Radiance other than the standard heat pads. Each armrest has a hide-away compartment. On one side you will find a convenient cupholder while the other side contains a wireless charging station for your phone. Pride has developed a brand new toggle remote. The toggle controls the chair’s up and down movement. Also on the remote is an on/off function for the heat, two programmable memory positions, adjustments for the power lumbar and headrest. There is a USB charge port on the remote to charge your smart devices. A major feature of the Radiance is independent up and down movement of the backrest. The backrest will allow you to achieve true infinite position where the backrest and footrest moves independently from one another. A standard footrest extension will allow you to fully stretch while still providing support all the way to your feet.

Why We Like It

The Radiance provides for all your comforts and needs in a lift chair. Contoured pillows provide proper support and positioning. The heating pads relax tired and tight muscles. A true infinite position functionality allows you to position your head, back, legs and feet to your ideal comfort. Fun perks like the cupholder and charging station complete your pampering. The Radiance is also an extremely attractive chair with its soft, suede-like fabric available in 4 beautiful colors.

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