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Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear McKesson Ultra Pull On with Tear Away Seams Disposable Heavy Absorbency

Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear McKesson Ultra Pull On with Tear Away Seams Disposable Heavy Absorbency

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  • Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear McKesson Ultra - Large, Disposable with Heavy Absorbency

    Experience confidence and comfort with McKesson Ultra Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear, designed to offer unparalleled protection for both men and women with heavy absorbency needs. Our large-sized, disposable underwear is crafted with the user's dignity and ease of use in mind, providing a secure and discreet fit under clothing.

    Key Features:

    • Unisex Design: Suitable for all adults, this underwear provides a comfortable fit for both men and women, ensuring maximum protection and discretion.
    • Heavy Absorbency: Engineered with advanced absorbent technology, these undergarments offer reliable protection against heavy bladder leakage, keeping you dry and comfortable day or night.
    • Soft, Cloth-Like Material: The breathable, cloth-like fabric feels soft against the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and enhancing comfort during extended wear.
    • Tear Away Seams: For convenience and quick changes, the underwear features easily tearable seams on the sides, allowing for effortless removal without having to fully undress.
    • Discreet Fit: Designed to look and feel like regular underwear, they offer a snug fit that discreetly contours to your body, ensuring your freedom to move confidently and securely.
    • Large Size: Specifically tailored to fit adults, these undergarments provide a comfortable and secure fit for users with a larger build, ensuring maximum coverage and absorbency.

    Whether you're managing incontinence issues or need extra protection for post-surgical care, McKesson Ultra Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear offers the peace of mind and dignity you deserve. Trust McKesson to keep you dry, comfortable, and confident, no matter where life takes you.

    Embrace freedom and confidence with McKesson Ultra - your trusted companion for unbeatable protection.


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