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Hand Held Shower Head w/ connection

Hand Held Shower Head w/ connection

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Upgrade your bathing routine with the Medline Handheld Shower Head, designed to provide convenience, comfort, and ease of use for individuals of all ages and mobility levels. Our handheld shower head offers a range of features to transform your daily showers into a more enjoyable and accessible experience.

Key Features: 🚿 Adjustable Spray Settings: Customize your shower experience with multiple spray settings, including gentle rain, invigorating massage, and a combination of both, catering to your specific preferences.

🚿 Ergonomic Design: The Medline Handheld Shower Head is ergonomically designed for effortless handling and comfortable grip, ensuring a relaxing and secure shower experience.

🚿 Long Reach Hose: The extra-long hose allows for extended reach, making it ideal for individuals with limited mobility, caregivers, and those who require assistance during their daily routines.

🚿 Easy Installation: Our handheld shower head is easy to install and fits most standard shower arms, eliminating the need for complex tools or professional assistance.


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