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Freestanding Bariatric Trapeze with Wheels

Freestanding Bariatric Trapeze with Wheels

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Medline Free Standing Bariatric Trapeze: Empowering Mobility with Strength and Stability

The Medline Free Standing Bariatric Trapeze is a robust and dependable solution designed to support bariatric patients in changing positions, transferring, and achieving greater independence with mobility. Engineered for both safety and convenience, this trapeze stands as an essential aid in a care environment or at home, offering unmatched support for individuals and caregivers alike.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Weight Capacity: Designed to accommodate individuals weighing up to 1000 lbs, the Medline Bariatric Trapeze is built with a heavy-duty steel frame, ensuring durability and reliability. Its substantial weight capacity makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of patients, providing the support needed for safe and secure movement.

  • Enhanced Stability: The free-standing design negates the need for ceiling or bed mounting, offering flexibility in positioning and use across different settings. Its wide base is engineered for superior stability, preventing tipping and ensuring patient safety during use.

  • Ease of Use: With an adjustable height and handbar, patients can customize the trapeze to their specific needs, promoting autonomy and facilitating easier transfers. The smooth, easy-to-grasp bar provides a secure grip, aiding in mobility and positioning with minimal effort.

  • Simple Assembly & Portability: Despite its robust construction, the trapeze is designed for easy assembly, allowing for quick setup in any appropriate space. Its design also caters to portability, ensuring that it can be moved and stored with relative ease when not in use or for cleaning purposes.

  • Supports Caregiver Efficiency: By enabling patients to participate more actively in their mobility, the trapeze reduces the physical strain on caregivers and nursing staff. This support tool aids in the prevention of injuries, promoting a safer care environment for both patients and caregivers.

  • Durability & Maintenance: The trapeze features a durable, chip-resistant finish, making it easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that the trapeze remains a hygienic and safe part of patient care routines over time.

The Medline Free Standing Bariatric Trapeze represents a pinnacle in patient mobility aids, combining strength, safety, and convenience. It is an invaluable asset for bariatric patients, enhancing their ability to move and adjust with confidence. By empowering patients and supporting caregivers, this trapeze contributes significantly to the quality of care and the dignity of those it serves.

Elevate patient care with the Medline Free Standing Bariatric Trapeze – a testament to strength, stability, and the pursuit of independence in mobility.


Medline Freestanding Bariatric Trapeze with Wheels, 1, 000 lb. Capacity

  • 4-piece sub-assembly and tool-free design significantly reduces setup time
  • Assisted weight capacity: 1,000 lb. (454 kg)
  • 72" (183 cm) tall
  • 26" (66 cm) width between base legs
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