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EZ Sleeper PR-761 Maxicomfort with Twilight- Luxury lift chair - Carbon High Performance Fabric

EZ Sleeper PR-761 Maxicomfort with Twilight- Luxury lift chair - Carbon High Performance Fabric

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The EZ Sleeper with Twilight positioning technology features a modern, sleek design with a stylish track arm for ultimate comfort! 

Elevate and circulate in the PR761, the world's most advanced power positioning lift recliner. Golden's patented 5-motor system provides unique, rejuvenating positions along with power lumbar support and power headrest. Healthy benefits include being able to elevate the feet above the heart while experiencing a feeling of weightlessness. Twilight positions relieve pressure points and encourage proper posture by supporting the natural "S" shape of the spine. The twilight system cradles your body in weightless comfort as you experience how the three motor Twilight design shifts your body effortlessly into a weight-neutral state of relaxation. The twilight cradle technology allows you to evenly distribute your weight to relieve pressure points and encourages proper posture. 

What Makes This Different
The modern design means there’s lots of room in the chair for your torso and legs. The track arm means that as you recline the seat bucket shifts down and under so the arms are still accessible for use. Many chairs, as they recline, move the user away from the arms. Our ProductExperts also loved how wide and sturdy the arms are making them great for those who need a more stable base from which to lift.

Why We Like it
We like that this chair is fully equipped to provide the most comfortable experience as well as pain relief.  The combination of the Twilight cradle 3rd motor, PowerPillow and lumbar give you multiple positions so you can find your perfect position for comfort. It’s so comfortable that when our ProductExperts experienced it for the first time we had a hard time getting them out of it!  

Specifications for the EZ Sleeper with Twilight PR-761

Trendelenburg: No
Weight Capacity: Up to 375 lbs.
Quick-Ship: Yes
Chair Sizes: Medium/Large Hybrid
Seat Width: 22.00"
Seat Depth: 21.00"
Seat Back Height: 30.00"
Overall Width: 34"
Overall Height: 44.00"
Back Style: Other
Wall Hugger Model: No
Distance from Wall Needed: 24.00"
Fully Padded Chaise: Yes
Extended Footrest Available: No
Upholstery Options: Fabric
Faux Leather
Instock Models Available: Yes
Arm Covers Included: No
Headrest Cover Included: No


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