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BuzzAround XL Portable Scooter's

BuzzAround XL Portable Scooter's

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The Buzzaround XL Series Scooter's offer the easy transportability of smaller travel scooters yet incorporates a longer foot platform for greater riding comfort. The overall length of the 3-Wheel is 41 inches, and yet this model turns in a tight 37” radius, giving it superior maneuverability indoors. The Buzzaround XL disassembles easily, and there are no wire connections to be made, so it’s a breeze to take apart and reassemble when you get there! Taken apart, the heaviest piece weighs just 37 lbs. The standard 12 AH batteries will travel up to 10 miles on a charge, or choose the 22 AH battery option and travel up to 18 miles on a single charge.



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