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Attends Premier Underwear, Various Sizes

Attends Premier Underwear, Various Sizes

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Attends Premier Premium Overnight Protection Underwear is designed for full-fit protection against urinary and/or fecal incontinence. This underwear has a heavy to severe absorbency level that helps you feel confident and protected throughout the day or night. It is constructed from soft, extremely absorbent materials with a high-rise, ultra-plush design. Patients who require this type of protection will be happy with the comfortable fit in all the right areas.

Attends Premier Adult Underwear provides leak protection for maximum confidence and dignified peaceful nights. They are made to be ultra-breathable, which helps maintain healthy skin. This protective underwear provides leak protection and locks away moisture. They are constructed for 8-hour odor protection, which allows you to sleep easy throughout the night.

The Premier Adult Underwear keeps fluids contained by including an elastic gather that keeps contents from leaking out of the sides of the underwear becomes too full at night. When wearing them at night, Attends has designed a core material that is so quick to absorb, that it greatly reduces the potential from fluids making their way down the underwear before having the chance to become absorbed.

A breathable backing and waistband provide comfortability throughout the design of the underwear. You may have tried other brands that feel itchy around the waistline or create a little moisture due to the extended time of wearing the underwear. The premier underwear is made with soft and comfortable material to keep you asleep and not wake you up itchy.


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