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Alterra MAXX Full Electric High Low Bed Package

Alterra MAXX Full Electric High Low Bed Package

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  • Width and length expansions are integrated in the frame, so no tools or kits are needed
  • Standard with 5-function hand pendant to enable Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and chair positioning
  • Two LED lights under the bed for the right amount of light to help with nighttime bed transitions
  • 4 easy-to-engage brake locks at the head and foot ends of the bed help keep the bed stabilized during transitions
  • Head section kickstand for easy access to the control box



Alterra Beds Brochure

Product specifications
Height range 7.25" to 30.25"
Bed deck dimensions 36/39/42" W x 80/84/88" L
Overall length 91"
Weight capacity 600-lbs.
Movement styles
Head, knee hinge, high-low,
Trendelenburg, reverse
Trendelenburg, chair
Deck style Rib
Rolling position Move at any height
Motors 4 DC
Casters Locking, tracking
Horizontal movement No horizontal movement when
raising or lowering
Battery backup Standard
Warranty information
Electrical components 5 years
Bed frame 15 years
Welds Lifetime

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