Power chairs and Power Scooter Rentals at Affinity Home Medical

Welcome to Affinity Home Medical, your premier destination for power chair and scooter rentals in Salt Lake City, Utah, and all surrounding cities. Whether you're seeking enhanced mobility for yourself or a loved one, our extensive selection of high-quality electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters offers the perfect solution for maintaining independence and improving quality of life.

Experience the Freedom of Mobility

At Affinity Home Medical, we understand the importance of mobility in daily life. Our power chairs and power scooters are designed to cater to a variety of needs, ensuring you can navigate both indoor and outdoor spaces with ease and confidence. Whether you're exploring the beautiful city of Salt Lake, attending a family gathering, or simply managing day-to-day tasks, our rental services provide the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

Why Choose Us for Your Mobility Needs?

Wide Service Area: Serving Salt Lake City and all surrounding areas, we ensure that no matter where you are, access to top-tier mobility solutions is always within reach.
Tailored Solutions: Our expert team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs, offering personalized recommendations to match your lifestyle and mobility requirements.
Flexible Rental Terms: With options for short-term and long-term rentals, we provide the convenience and flexibility to choose according to your needs.
Quality and Reliability: Each power chair and scooter in our fleet is meticulously maintained and serviced, guaranteeing reliability and safety.
Hassle-Free Delivery: To make your rental experience as convenient as possible, we offer delivery and setup services directly to your home or hotel in the Salt Lake City area and beyond.

Find Your Perfect Match

Explore our range of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters to find the model that best fits your mobility needs. From compact scooters for quick trips to feature-rich power chairs for advanced mobility, Affinity Home Medical has everything you need to regain your independence and enjoy life to its fullest.

The Buzzaround Carryon

Ultra-Portable Design: The CarryOn Scooter's unique foldable frame makes it incredibly easy to transport. It fits comfortably in car trunks, making it ideal for travel and day trips.
Weight Capacity: 300 LB but most suitable for someone under 250LB Pounds. 
Ample Battery Life: With an 18 miles per charge you can enjoy a generous range with its efficient battery.

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The Buzzaround XL

Spacious Seating: Enjoy the extra room and comfort with its plush, wide seating area, perfect for extended use.
Simple Disassembly: Disassembles quickly into lightweight, easy-to-handle pieces.
Weight Capacity: 250 LB Weight Capacity
Ample Battery life:  Comes With a robust battery that gives you 5-8 Miles Per Charge.


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The Buzzaround ex Extreme

Enhanced Comfort: Comfortable ride with its spacious design, plush seating, and smooth suspension
Superior Outdoor Performance: Its sturdy build and larger wheels handle various terrains effortlessly.
Portability: Extreme easily to disassembles.
Battery Life:  One of the longest ranges available 18 Miles per charge. 

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Literider Envy

Ultra-Portable Design:
The Literider Power chair breaks down into 4 piece. With the heavy piece being 35LB. It fits comfortably in car trunks, making it ideal for travel & day trips.
Weight Capacity: 300 LB 
Ample Battery Life: Up to 15.5 miles per charge you can enjoy a generous range with its efficient battery

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The Golden Compass

Robust Design: Unlike some power chairs designed for travel and portability, the Golden Compass is not easily disassembled for transport. May need a ramp and larger vehicle to transport. 
Weight Capacity: 300 LB  
Ample Battery Life: With an 20 miles per charge on a full charge, allowing for extended use throughout the day.

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Pride Heavy Duty 1450

Heavy Duty Design: TThe Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450 is a durable and powerful heavy-duty power wheelchair designed to accommodate higher weight capacities and provide reliable performance in a variety of environments
Weight Capacity: 600 LB 
Ample Battery Life: With an 12 miles per charge 

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