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Rebound Post Op ROM Knee Cool Brace

Rebound Post Op ROM Knee Cool Brace

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Össur’s Rebound Post-Op Knee brace delivers controlled range of motion for the knee in an intuitive, quick-fitting design. Suitable for the average, tall and super small, the Rebound Post-Op Knee provides a secure, comfortable fit to users.

  • Easy to apply and adjust straps on patients feature blue color-coded buckles and drop-lock to educate patient on what they can and can't adjust.
  • The numbers on the frame ease patient application and ensure a proper fit.
  • The brace is lightweight and the edges are protected to improve patient comfort.
  • The anti-migration straps and anatomical paddles ensure a secure fit.
  • The packaging is easy to open, reseal, carry and stock and feature integrated instructions to assist in initial fitting.


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