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ReadyBath SELECT Medium-Weight Washcloths

ReadyBath SELECT Medium-Weight Washcloths

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ReadyBath SELECT Medium-Weight Washcloths: Convenient, Gentle Cleansing for Everyday Use

ReadyBath SELECT Medium-Weight Washcloths provide a premium, convenient solution for personal hygiene, catering especially to those with sensitive skin or limited mobility. These pre-moistened, disposable washcloths are designed to offer a comfortable, thorough cleaning experience without the need for water or additional towels. Ideal for healthcare settings, at-home care, or on-the-go needs, ReadyBath SELECT washcloths ensure cleanliness and skin health with every use.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Moistened and Rinse-Free: Each cloth is saturated with a gentle, no-rinse cleansing formula, allowing for a complete bathing experience without the hassle of traditional bath setups.

  • Dermatologist Tested: Safe for sensitive skin, these washcloths have been dermatologist tested to ensure they are hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

  • Medium-Weight Material: Crafted from a durable, yet soft, medium-weight material, these washcloths offer superior strength and softness, making them suitable for cleansing any part of the body.

  • Alcohol-Free with a Balanced pH: The cleansing formula is alcohol-free and pH-balanced to maintain skin's natural moisture, preventing dryness and irritation.

  • Lightly Scented: Provides a refreshing, clean feeling with a light scent that's pleasant without being overwhelming.

  • Disposable for Easy Use: Designed for single use, these washcloths reduce the risk of cross-contamination and simplify the caregiving process, eliminating laundry needs.


  • Enhanced Skin Protection: The gentle, hypoallergenic formula protects against irritation and dryness, promoting healthy skin.

  • Convenience and Time Savings: Ideal for situations where traditional bathing is impractical, offering caregivers a quick and effective way to maintain hygiene.

  • Versatile Application: Perfect for daily use, travel, post-surgery care, or anytime regular bathing is difficult.

  • Improved Hygiene and Comfort: Offers a dignified solution for those with limited mobility, ensuring clean, refreshed skin without the need for water.


  • Size: Each washcloth is sized to provide adequate coverage and ease of use for complete body cleansing.
  • Quantity: Available in packs of varying quantities to meet individual and institutional needs.
  • Formula: Enriched with aloe and vitamin E to soothe and nourish the skin.

Ideal For:

  • Healthcare facilities requiring convenient, hygienic solutions for patient care.
  • Individuals with mobility challenges or those recovering from surgery.
  • Families and caregivers seeking efficient, gentle cleansing options for loved ones.
  • Outdoor activities, travel, and any situation where traditional bathing is not feasible.

ReadyBath SELECT Medium-Weight Washcloths offer a blend of convenience, hygiene, and skin care, making them an essential choice for anyone in need of a gentle, efficient cleansing solution. Whether for home health care, professional settings, or personal use, these washcloths provide a practical way to maintain cleanliness and promote skin health without the need for water or rinsing.


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