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Puracol Plus Collagen Dressings, 2x2.25in (Box of 10)

Puracol Plus Collagen Dressings, 2x2.25in (Box of 10)

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Our manufacturing technology preserves the collagen's natural triple helix structure, resulting in dressings that provide more collagen to a wound for a longer period of time. Puracol Plus restores a gentle balance. Helps jump start stalled wounds (see References 1, 2 ,3). Unique three-dimensional structure helps support cellular growth. Native collagen makes the dressing last longer in the wound bed. Available in various sizes. Puracol Plus Ag+ has antibacterial silver.References1. Driver V, French M, Cain J, Hagen H, Hijazin M, Patel M. The Use of Native Collagen Dressings on Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds: Case Studies.Presented at SAWC. Tampa, FL. 2007.2. A Clinical Safety and Efficacy Evaluation on Seriously Chronic Wounds with a Native Collagen Dressing, data on fi le.3. Rogers LC, Armstrong DG. The promise of stem cells. Podiatry Management. June/July 2007:65-70.


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