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Prevail Extended Use Briefs

Prevail Extended Use Briefs

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Prevail PERFIT Extended Use Briefs

      Prevail Perfit Extended Use Briefs are specifically designed to be used as an option to allow all night use. Prevail PM can handle multiple voids of urine and still keep the skin dry. Prevail PM Briefs hold more than our other briefs and offer a better night's rest without compromising skin integrity. 

     PM Extended Use Briefs are ideal for heavy incontinence protection throughout the day and overnight. Using innovative materials and process improvements First Quality has improved the softness of Prevail PM Extended Use Briefs while maintaining the performance levels that are expected from this high absorbing product. Prevail PM Extended Use Briefs are designed with maximum absorbency for extended or nighttime use. 

     Prevail PM Extended Use Briefs feature QuickWick with MaxiSoft, the super-soft, super-absorbent polymers quickly absorb fluid and lock it away from the body and prevent leaking and control odor. The Skin Smarty technology keeps skin feeling dry overnight. The stretchy sides allow airflow that keeps skin cool and reduces rashes and discomfort. Prevail PM Briefs have Easy Lock Fasteners will attach to the entire cloth-like outer fabric for easy adjustment and a perfect fit that not only protects against leakage but is comfortable and discreet.The Prevail PM brief features reattaching, Easy-Lock fasteners that grip anywhere on the outer fabric for improved fit and maximum protection. 

NOTE: Prevail PM Extended Use Briefs are NOT intended to be used for fecal incontinence extended use.
  • Prevail Per-Fit Briefs protects against leakage for heavy incontinence protection
  • Odor Guard helps prevent odors before they even start
  • Easy-Lock Fastener that grips and holds without being sticky
  • The QUICK WICK technology with MaxSoft quickly wicks weness away from the skin

    Prevail PM Extended Use Adult Briefs Sizing

    Available Sizes


    Color  Packaging
    Medium - Pack 32" - 44"     PF-012 Yellow 16 per package
    Large - Pack 45" - 58"     PF-013 Green 18 per package
    X-Large - Pack 59" - 64"     PF-014 Seafoam 15 per package
    Medium - Case 32" - 44"    PF-012 Yellow 16/pk  -  96/cs
    Large - Case 45" - 58" PF-013 Green 18/pk  -  72/cs
    X-Large - Case 45" - 58" PF-014 Seafoam 15/pk  -  60/cs

    Prevail PM Extended Use Features


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