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Medi For Men 20-30mmHg Closed Toe Knee Length

Medi For Men 20-30mmHg Closed Toe Knee Length

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The modern choice tocomplement any business or casual attire.


With advanced technology mediven® for men with lanolinprovides unparalleled softness without compromising breathability or moistureregulation.


mediven® for men provides the look and feel ofeveryday fashion socks. Only you will know it is a medical compression sock.

Specifically designed to help preventthe onset of vein disease, as well as to treat and prevent the progression ofexisting vein disease, mediven® formen offers wearers the therapeutic benefits of medical compression and improvedleg health.

Whatall of this means to you.

mediven® for men is your modern compression sock inclassic colors for dress or casual wear. Soft, stylish, durable, and effective,mediven® for men provides theall-day wearing comfort and medical benefits consumers have come to expect frommedi.


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