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Medi Comfort 20-30mmHg Open Toe Calf Length Petite

Medi Comfort 20-30mmHg Open Toe Calf Length Petite

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levate your comfort with the Medi Comfort 20-30 mmHg Open Toe Calf Length Compression Stockings, now specially designed for the petite individual. These stockings offer the same robust support and circulation benefits as our standard size, but with a better fit for shorter leg lengths. Enjoy the optimal compression that's essential for managing symptoms of venous conditions, with a design that's tailored for petite proportions.

Key Features:

  • Petite Sizing: Expertly tailored to fit the unique measurements of a petite frame for a snug, non-slip fit.
  • Moderate Compression: Delivers 20-30 mmHg of medical-grade compression, targeting moderate symptoms of venous insufficiency.
  • Open Toe Flexibility: The open toe design allows for versatile wear with different shoe styles and personal comfort preferences.
  • Calf-Length Comfort: Offers focused compression in the calf area, which can help reduce swelling and improve blood flow.
  • Secure Silicone Band: Features a silicone top band that keeps the stockings firmly in place without pinching.
  • Durable and Breathable: Made from materials that provide durability and breathability for long-lasting wear and comfort.
  • Moisture Management: Advanced fabric that wicks away moisture, keeping your legs dry and comfortable.
  • Easy to Don: Specially designed for ease of putting on and taking off, accommodating the need for daily use.
  • Discreet Elegance: A design that blends seamlessly with your wardrobe, making it suitable for all occasions.


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