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Medi Assure 30-40mmHg Calf Length Open Toe - Petite

Medi Assure 30-40mmHg Calf Length Open Toe - Petite

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An economical, soft, breathable stocking for men and Women



Comfortable. medi's unique uncoated spandex, coupled with advanced computer knitting technology, provides maximum all-day wearing comfort. Discreet. Worry no more about others noticing that you are treating vein disease. assure by medi has a color and style that�s right for you Effective. Proven to improve blood flow, compression positively affects the symptoms commonly associated with vein disease. What all of this means to you. assure by medi stockings combine the look of regular support hose with the added benefit of medically proven graduated compression. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the assurance that you're wearing medically-proven graduated compression to help improve blood flow and alleviate symptoms associated with vein disease. Assure by medi stockings provide maximum all-day wearing comfort while remaining discreet.


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