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Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

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Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is fully automatic and has an aluminum deck that is durable to withstand frequent use over the years. It is compatible with vehicles with hitches class II and above and wide enough to accommodate nearly any scooter. The lift sports a unique hold-down foot that secures the scooter in place, as well as a rear wheel cradle. Both features keep the scooter from rolling or falling while in motion.


Features and Benefits

  • Fully Automatic Lift
  • Durable Aluminum Platform With Stars-N-Stripes Design
  • Able To Lift Any Scooter With Wheelbase of Up to 42 Inches
  • License Plate Mount Included for Compliance With State Laws
  • Manual Crank Backup
  • Automatic Hold-Down Foot Keeps Scooter Secure
  • Easy One-Switch Operation
  • Wheel Cradle Prevents Unwanted Movement on Lift
  • Compatible With Class II Hitch or Above
Lift Installed

Safe and Secure

The Harmar Universal Scooter Lift has an aluminum deck wide enough to fit scooters with wheelbases of up to 42 inches. The unit can safely lift up to 350 pounds, and controls are completely automated. Should something happen, there is a manual backup crank. The lift includes an automatic hold-down foot, which secures the scooter in place while the lift is in motion. A rear wheel cradle further prevents the scooter from shifting when it shouldn't.


Compatible With Most Vehicles

The Harmar Scooter Lift can be installed on any vehicle with a class II hitch or above. Most vehicles, including full-size cars and sedans, can use a compatible hitch, making the Harmar Scooter Lift for cars the perfect solution to a scooter user's needs. The lift also includes a license plate mount so that vehicles remain in compliance with state license plate laws.


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