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Golden Technologies

BuzzAround EX "Extreme" 4 Wheel Scooter

BuzzAround EX "Extreme" 4 Wheel Scooter

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The Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel travel scooter by Golden Technologies offers Extreme portability without compromising power or longevity. The EX goes the distance with an extended drive range and is the fastest model of the Buzzaround family yet. The Buzzaround EX is convenient but still has heavy duty capabilities with a 350 lb. weight capacity, so you get the best of both worlds.

What Makes This Different

The Buzzaround EX has a leg up on other travel scooters because it goes up to 5 miles per hour and can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge. The secret behind the EX's impressive performance is its U-1 batteries, which enable the EX to go faster for longer distances. The EX features a 4" ground clearance, suspension, and hassle-free 9" front and rear wheel tires, so the EX is both comfortable and durable. 

Why We Like It

We love the great standard features of the Buzzaround series, and the EX is no exception. Luxury details like the LED headlight, adjustable delta tiller and  longer drive range make the EX really stand out. The charging port is conveniently located on the tiller for easy access and the batteries must be charged while on the scooter. The attention to detail continues on the comfortable stadium-style seat which is height-adjustable and features flip-back armrests.


Specifications for the Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel

Max Speed: 5.00 mph
Scooter Disassembles: Yes
Scooter Drive Range: 18.00 miles
Heaviest Piece: 53 lbs.
Suspension: Yes
Scooter Seat Width: 18"
Delta Tiller: Yes
Quick-Ship: Yes
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Turning Radius: 56"
Ground Clearance: 4.00"
Adjustable Tiller: Yes
Back Height: 16"
Max Seat to Ground Height: 24.75"
Lowest Seat to Ground Height: 24.75"
Max Seat to Deck Height: 18"
Multiple Seating Options: Yes
Height Adjustable Seat: Yes
High-Back Seat: No
Armrest Options: Flip-Back
Flip-Back Armrests: Yes
Wheel Type: Four Wheeled
Front Wheel Size: 9"
Rear Wheel Size: 9"
Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Tires: No
Overall Width: 22"
Overall Length: 45"
Axle-to-Axle Length: 33.80"
Transportable/Collapsible: Yes
Battery Type: Two U-1 Batteries
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board
Larger Battery Option: No
Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive
One-Hand Operation: Yes
Basket Included: Yes
Headlight: Yes
Weight Without Batteries: 109.00 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight: 46.00 lbs.
Seat Section Weight: 23.00 lbs.
Shroud Weight: 53.00 lbs.
Base and Tiller Weight: 30.00 lbs.
Expedited Shipping Available: No
Charging Port Location: Tiller

Approximate Shipping Dimensions and Weights

Product Weight: 155 lbs.
Box 1
Shipping Weight: 185.00 lbs.
Length: 54.00"
Width: 23.00"



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