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Bariatric (Extra Large) Hospital Bed

Bariatric (Extra Large) Hospital Bed

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Introducing Medline Bariatric Home Care Beds: Comfort, Safety, and Durability for Your Well-Being

Discover the ultimate in comfort and convenience with Medline Bariatric Home Care Beds. Designed specifically for individuals requiring extra support and stability, these beds are the ideal choice for those seeking restful nights and a safe, comfortable space for daily activities.

Key Features:

  1. Bariatric Strength: Our home care beds are engineered to support individuals with higher weight capacities, providing exceptional stability and durability to ensure your safety and comfort.

  2. Adjustable Design: Customize your bed's position to your preference with adjustable head and foot sections. Whether you're reading, watching TV, or getting a good night's sleep, find the perfect position for your comfort.

  3. Quiet Electric Motors: Experience smooth and quiet adjustments with our electric motors. These reliable motors make it easy to change your bed's position without disturbing your rest or your caregiver.

  4. Safety Features: Medline Bariatric Home Care Beds prioritize your safety. They come with built-in side rails to prevent falls, and the bed's height can be adjusted to ease getting in and out of bed, reducing the risk of accidents.

  5. Easy-to-Clean: Crafted from high-quality materials, our beds are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment.

  6. Versatile Use: These beds are not just for sleeping; they are versatile for various activities, including reading, eating, or socializing. Transform your bedroom into a multipurpose space with ease.

  7. Wide Range of Mattress Options: Choose from a variety of comfortable and supportive mattresses to complement your Medline Bariatric Home Care Bed, ensuring the perfect balance of comfort and therapeutic support.

  8. Trusted Brand: Medline is a trusted name in healthcare, known for providing dependable and high-quality products that healthcare professionals and individuals can rely on.

Invest in your well-being and comfort with Medline Bariatric Home Care Beds. These beds are designed to enhance your daily life by providing you with a secure, comfortable, and supportive place to rest, recover, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Choose Medline for your home care needs and experience the difference in comfort, safety, and durability. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of rest and relaxation with our bariatric home care beds. Trust in Medline for dependable healthcare solutions that enhance your quality of life.


Bariatric Bed: Our Bariatric bed is reinforced for maximum durability and peace-of-mind. Delivers out-of-the-box reliability at an economical price, for years of dependable service and greater profitability. Featuring ultra-quiet and smooth operation with three powerful AC motors that raise the head section, foot section, and overall bed height. Comfortably accommodates larger patients with 600 lbs (272 kgs) weight capacity and an extra wide deck: 42" (107 cm) W x 80" (203 cm) L. Steel supports reinforce the pan deck to create a stronger bed surface. Split spring design sets up with minimal tools and simplifies delivery. Height range: 18" to 26.5" (46 to 67 cm). Has 4 casters, 2 are locking. 2-year warranty on electrical and mechanical components. Lifetime warranty on the bed frame.




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