Fuel your body to get well sooner.

  • Helping healing: Stronger, Faster combacks from accidents, injuries, and surgery.
  • Faster recovery: get your back to peak condition after the strain of intense excercise.
  • Reduce Inflammation

Preserve muscle and improve return to function after surgery.

For preventing muscle weakness after joint surgery

  • 40% more preservation of muscle vs. placebo
  • Improvement in return of function vs. placebo
  • Improvement in post-operative inflmmatory environment vs placebo.

*joint replacement has been shown in 3 double-blind placebo controlled randomized trials.


Regenerate 33 nature-powered nutrients puts back into your body what life takes out.

  • Clinically proven, for muscle strength, healthy aging, and active lifestyle.
  • Boost Bone and muscle strength, heal everyday wear and tear,and support gut health.
  • Bounce back from intense exercise sooner, with more energy to perform at your best for longer.

Benefits of Repair + Recovery

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