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ReadyCleanse Scented Wipes (Case of 24 Packs)

ReadyCleanse Scented Wipes (Case of 24 Packs)

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Large, durable wet wipes are perfect for everyday clean-ups and incontinence care. Medline's wet wipes are cost effective by eliminating the need for soaps, wash basins, washcloths and lotions. The pH-balanced, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free wipes provide exceptional skin care. Single patient use reduces the risk of cross contamination. Available with or without dimethicone, in scented or fragrance-free. Soft pack, contains 3.2% dimethicone, fragrance-free. 24-ct. pack/24 packs per case. 9" x 13" (23 x 33 cm). Do not flush ReadyCleanse wipes in the toilet.


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